Paddle Surf Like a Super Hero

As a superhero gifted with special tools and powers you must learn how to control and use them. When it comes to paddle surfing, use your paddle with the same methodology that Spider Man uses his web to swing through New York.

At the start of our favorite web crawler’s traverse through the city he shoots out his web and makes the drop, free falling. During the drop Spidey gets his body into position using gravity to generate speed. At the inflection point of his swooping arc he leverages his web in order to whip back up for the next phase of his traverse through the Big Apple.

As a paddle surfer you use your paddle with a high cadence rhythm to catch the wave. Making the drop, you must put your paddle away and focus on your body position. Proper form and body position are crucial to setting up and executing a solid bottom turn. During that bottom turn, you engage your paddle again for leverage and speed to defy gravity and whip back up the wave face.

Surfing with a paddle in your hand is still surfing. You have to be balanced and get your body right. Your paddle isn’t a cane meant to keep you from falling; it’s a tool. And in the right hands, used the right way, it’s a secret weapon that can turn you into a super hero.