Lay Out or Join the Paddle Surfers?

Paddle surfing isn’t particularly enticing to all women. To a woman, who is not otherwise one to meet every physical challenge without reservation, the board looks big, heavy and awkward. The paddle would probably get lost when holding on to dear life while attempting to surf. With the female brain on pause, some gather enough courage to give it a try; we lift up the big clunky board and grab the paddle somehow. After all, we’ve been built to be able to carry a baby with one arm and drag a toddler with the other. We throw everything in the water and push forward through the white water only to learn that the white water and waves are much stronger than they looked from the beach. Here is where the key decision will shape the rest of your day – should I just head back and work on my tan on the beach, or face this powerful white water head on and conquer it?

We keep pushing forward, game face is on, and we’ll show all our male counterparts what we’re capable of. After much trepidation on the inside, we make it to the outside, sit on the board and take it all in. The sweet feeling of achievement and conquest, sure there weren’t any awesome bottom turns or cut backs, not yet, but we gave it a try and this is only the beginning, because that feeling is worth the work and exertion. We walk back to our lives with our heads held a little higher, empowered and more confident.