Valuing Video

Seeing yourself on video for the first time can be intimidating. So much so that you can easily downplay its value and convince yourself that it cannot really help you out that much.  That would be a mistake. If you still that protective response and stop to think about its role in sports coaching you will no doubt recall its application in numerous professional sports.

Golf coaches use video to dial in a golfer’s swing.
Baseball coaches use video to improve a pitcher’s technique.
Tennis coaches use video to perfect their player’s serve.
Surf coaches use video to advance the professional wave slayer.
The list goes on…

The use of a video camera has profound and lasting effects to rapidly accelerate your learning and progression. And the best part of receiving video coaching is that it is customized specifically to you. You are the one on the other side of the lens.  

Video feedback is highlighted as one of our most useful SUP Surf coaching tools. We conduct the analysis sessions following your morning SUP Surf session.  We’ve found that when done in quick succession you have the added benefit of remembering exactly what you were thinking as you caught the wave you see yourself on. Remembering your thoughts and how the wave felt coupled with seeing it from an “on the beach” perspective offers a unique learning opportunity. That followed by an afternoon SUP Surf session gives you the chance to put your new learning to the test and ingrain your skills.