Easing Into a Crowded Line Up

As your SUP Surfing matures you will naturally be pulled to more crowded surf spots. As you improve and become more confident you will test yourself by joining the crowds. Success here has much to do with confidence and respect. 

The following include a few key points we believe to be helpful.

- Keep in mind that you stand out on a SUP and are implicitly an ambassador to the sport.
- Recognizing this role means consciously catching fewer waves than you possibly could.
- On your initial paddle out sit on your board at the edges of the crowd, let set or two go   by.
- Start on the shoulder and catch the less “good” waves.
- After a couple waves grab a seat again on your board and let a set go by.
- Observe the flow and read the vibe in the water.

This approach communicates that you understand the line up and you’re not out there to catch every wave just because you can. You do that session over session for awhile and you’ll slowly strike up conversations and gain respect out there. It's not high-end performance surfing that wins respect but putting into practice the unwritten rules, being safe and respectful.