The Modern Surfer

Unless you’re a natural born athletic prodigy, chances are you won’t grab a surf board and shred a green wave on the first go without first having the ocean beat you down to your humble roots. There is no way around it, surfing takes practice and time on the water, and yet, many are finding a way to push away their rolling office chairs from their desks, trading lint for sand covered feet.

One strength your common working professional does share with his peers is a knack for perseverance. They take their fire drill strengthened demeanors to the water and take on the challenge because it’s worth it. A balance between a healthy lifestyle and a successful career is not easy to achieve, yet, it is that ideal teeter that keeps everything in its thriving place, keeps one yearning for it.

The key to any sport or way of life is to enjoy, focus and get past the initial challenges, otherwise it won’t stick. It takes one to live the sacrifices it requires.  A guest once commented “the [camp experience] changed my life.” He discussed the lack of stress during the week and how the breakthroughs he had achieved had given him confidence to continue pushing forward on his own, to continue on his new path of improvement and maintain his healthy life balance. When that familiar struggle resurfaces and keeps you surfing the web more than the waves, chances are you’ll run into a stimulating post or picture of one of your fellow surf buddies you’ve met out on the water. One way or another, you’ll find yourself out there again because now, you live it.