SUP Camp Musings

You have to take risks to live a life rich in happiness and fulfillment. Taking those risks often times put us up against a mix of physical, emotional and physical barriers. The purpose of our SUP Surf Coaching Weeks is to facilitate breakthroughs that take down those walls that hold us back. We're all trying to make a breakthrough and it's uniquely personal. For some it's about gaining and building confidence in the ocean and for another it maybe tackling the surf zone at a beach break. Wave size is all about comfort, skill and confidence. The person comfortable in head high surf may not be confident to hit the closeout section with speed, but they'll do it all day in waist high surf. Our medium is stand up surfing and through bettering ourselves in this sport we break down those physical, emotional and psychological barriers that hold us back and pave the way for more confidence and progression.  Our SUP Camp guests arrive with a unified purpose to improve and each leaves fulfilled and one step further along in their own personal journey.