Nosara Paddlesurf Know How

Referred to simply as the Nosara Paddlesurf Know How, this SUP surfing info graphic delivers an easy to understand and follow roadmap for improvement. Following each step from ocean awareness and basic safety to advanced on the wave maneuvers it is easy to identify where you are and see the path to where you want to go.

Developed, tested and refined over the past five years at our SUP surf coaching home in Nosara, Costa Rica the Nosara Paddlesurf Know How breaks down the journey to SUP Surfing awesomeness. By identifying natural divisions in the SUP surf learning curve anyone can pinpoint their particular level and understand the scope of their progression. It is often the case that a Level 2 or 3 surfer has foundational skill or Level 1 gaps in their surfing and this approach helps to objectively diagnose those areas. In this way the Know How helps focus the SUP surfer and guide their training on specific skills that result in being better on the water.

The knowledge packed in the Know How graphic stems from a key set of foundational skills that not only helps the flat-water paddler with limited to no ocean and surf experience but also guides the Level 4 SUP Surfer keen to link maneuvers while developing more speed and flow in their wave riding.

All levels are rooted in safety. The basic skills cover managing your equipment in the surf zone, whitewater etiquette and learning to understand the ocean. You will begin reading waves by analyzing the surf zone and understanding broken waves. Your technical SUP surf training then starts with an introduction to a functional surfing stance and how weight shifts and body movements can control your speed and direction.

The Know How then continues to break down the necessary skills of Levels 1 through 4, first beginning with your paddle stroke, foot mobility and a low center of gravity to catch unbroken waves, to then setting a trim line using the wave’s speed to ride across the open face, to start generating your own speed through compression and extension and then finally to translating that speed into carving and more progressive turning maneuvers utilizing weight shifts, body movements and the paddle.

Progress through the Nosara Paddlesurf Know How is not straightforward. You may get introduced to all the foundational concepts in a day. Then the motivated flat-water paddler will take between 2 – 4 days to progress through Level 1. And to become a competent Level 2 SUP Surfer will take 1 – 3 months and another 1 – 3 years to be a confident Level 3 SUP Surfer. These timelines are directly influenced by how much time you spend on the water and how motivated you stay.

You can find the Nosara Paddlesurf Know How hanging in our video coaching rooms and as a life-sized print in the dojo space of our SUP surf coaching home in Nosara, Costa Rica.

 You can download a readable version for free here.