These SUP Surf Coaching Videos offer a few simple tips to help you improve and get more enjoyment on the water.

Wiping Out Safely

SUP Surf coaching simple tip aimed to keep you safe during your wipeouts.


Looking Down the Line

In this SUP Surf coaching video the emphasis is on your eyes, keep your head up and sight down the line.


Hit the Close Out Section

Finish your wave with style. This SUP Surf coaching video takes a look at hitting that closeout section on your frontside at the end of your wave.


Feet on the Centerline

This SUP Surf Coaching video highlights the importance of keeping your feet on boards centerline in order to maximize stability and balance as you drop into a wave.


Backside Cutback

Dial in your backside cutback with this SUP Surf video breakdown highlighting one of our favorite on the wave maneuvers.


For the first time SUP Surfer we take a look at something we call, “the rodeo effect.” Maintaining a low center of gravity is critical for catching waves.


Top to Bottom Surfing

As an intermediate and advanced SUP Surfer you will aim to draw better lines, go faster and do better turns.