Our Approach

High-level sport-specific coaching should not be reserved only for professional athletes. We break down SUP Surfing into specific learnable skills and outline your path to progression, from the SUP enthusiast with limited to no ocean and surf experience to the lifelong surfer getting into SUP surfing wishing to accelerate their learning. Through this approach you will be better positioned to achieve your paddle surfing dreams.

We combine time on the water, video feedback, movement training, individualized attention and theory lessons to breakdown your SUP Surfing and teach the necessary skills to make you better on the water.

Our SUP Program will take the emerging SUP surfer through the progression of developing a strong forward stroke to pivot turns and catching waves. For the more experienced and advanced paddle surfer the experience will enhance your surfing, whether it be refining your stance and body position, learning to use your paddle to surf with more power in your turns or to improve your SUP Surf flow as you link together a series of maneuvers. 

What We Do

We give you the confidence to both realize your dream and make you a more efficient and progressive paddle surfer. We make you better on the water. In a tight knit and quick-to-bond  group setting we have crafted an opportunity for significant water time and land training. You will develop the ability to self assess and be poised to continue making improvements long after you finish your week with us.


Video Feedback

Most people have never seen themselves on video during a sporting activity. Video analysis is one our fundamental tools to make you a better SUP Surfer. For the Level 3 & 4 SUP Surfer video is critical to progress your skills to the next level. It also provides valuable insight to the emerging SUP Surfer as we discuss position, timing and transitions. Soon after your feedback session you will have the opportunity to make improvements and get back on the water.

Workshops & Theory Lessons

Each week we host a selection of theory discussions covering topics such as identifying targets, managing the peak, basics of reading waves, surfing etiquette, paddle technique, board design, making sense of surf forecasts, and sport specific stretches.

Maximizing your out-of-water time we also cover the mechanics of more advanced maneuvers such as the bottom turn, cutback and paddle usage.