Identifying natural divisions in the SUP Surf learning curve we remove the guesswork and lay out four distinct levels. With a 4-level system our team groups like-ability SUP surfers together to offer the necessary and relevant SUP coaching to maximize your progression.


Level 1 – learning to successfully paddle out alone and catch a wave cleanly the level 1 SUP surfer will gain confidence in the whitewater while learning to accelerate, stall, turn, and transition to sup surf stance.


Level 2 – can successfully paddle out alone at a familiar location and start to catch unbroken waves attempting to surf across the face with the help of an in-water coach.  


Level 3 – comfortable in up to head high surf, uses a pivot turn to catch and ride unbroken waves down the line, without an in-water coach.


Level 4 – paddles out alone to catch overhead waves without the help of an in-water coach and perform the three basic surfing turns on smaller waves – bottom turn, top turn and cutback.